February 23, 2019 – Taste of Life 《饌味人生 – 長幼大笪地千人宴》

FEB 23

Organized by our partner, CUHK Alumni Charity Fund, Taste of Life aimed at raising concerns towards the needs of our aging society. DeepHealth set up a booth introducing our product-in-trial – ScreenMat, a mobile application for screening of cognitive impairment, at the event. Our team provides one-on-one guidance for elderly participants to finish the dementia screening test on the app. The test analyses user’s cognitive functions in five areas such as memory, concentration and orientation.

Using machine learning technology, ScreenMat facilitates dementia screening by analysing simple drawing behaviour of participants. Unlike the conventional tests with wordy and lengthy questions, our unique drawing system provides a simple and handy way for elderly users to complete the test. It accurately and effectively screens out users with higher risks of dementia. The app also suggests ways to boost one’s cognitive functions based on the user’s test results and profile, such as yoga, meditation, and music therapy. Participants enjoyed using ScreenMat and acknowledged the simplicity of the app.